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Washing Instructions

Washing and Care Instructions: 

Most cloth nappies have a universal washing routine and therefore multiple brands can be washed together. Here is a quick guideline that is specific to CrackaDaks MCN.

First Use:

We encourage you to do a long warm wash before the first use. This should be approximately 3 hours, temperature between 40-60 degrees celsius and ensure your spin speed is no higher than 800rpm (this cycle will become your main wash cycle). The more you wash them the more absorbent they become. This can take somewhere between 6-8 washes to reach peak absorbency.

Ongoing use:

  1. Nappies once used should be dry pailed in an open container available to light and air flow or alternatively can be stored in a wet bag. Make sure any poos are tipped down the toilet and rinsed immediately. Any stubborn poo stains may need to be rubbed with a stain remover prior to washing.
  2. Once a day you will need to perform a pre-wash. This is a short cycle approximately 30-45mins. Again the temperature should not exceed 60 degrees celsius and the spin setting must be no higher than 800rpm. Use half dose of detergent.
  3. They can then go in to a dry pail until you are ready to do your main wash in 2-3days.
  4. Main wash to be performed when you have enough nappies to fill your washing machine 3/4 full when wet or almost full when dry. This is to ensure that there is a good amount of agitation for the inserts. The main wash should be a approximately 3 hours in length at 40-60 degrees celsius with the recommended amount of detergent.
  5. Line dry in the shade as to protect the colour and integrity of the PUL shell. 

Using the dryer:

Our inserts do dry surprisingly quick considering how absorbent they are. However, we understand that particularly through winter, they may take slightly longer to dry than you would like therefore the inserts are safe to go in the dryer. (I would recommend that you try line dry them first and finish them off in the dryer). DO NOT put the shells in the dryer. Dryers are too hot for the PUL and they may delaminate.

What to avoid:

  • Never use bleach
  • Do not use softeners. This will build up in your inserts causing the absorbency to drop.
  • Try to avoid zinc based nappy creams. Again this may build up in your inserts and cause reduced absorbency.
  • Some eco friendly washing powders/liquids are not strong enough to thoroughly wash your nappies causing ammonia to build up over time and will eat away at your inserts and elastics. Please ensure you’re using a good detergent and enough in each load.