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Whats So Great About Our Wetbags?

Posted by Andy Price on

Wet bags are supposed to be used instead of single use plastic bags. You know those little plastic bags that get used for every disposable nappy, that is still in landfill today, those are what we're trying to replace!

Mini wet bags can usually fit one nappy, and generally used if you're only going out for a few hours and may only need one nappy change. They're also perfect for organising the nappy bag. One mini wet bag for snacks, one for spare clothes, one for panadol and neurofen etc etc. The uses for mini wet bags are endless really - when we travel I put our passports in them too!

Onto regular wet bags! Again they have so many uses. Ours at CrackaDaks can fit a whole days worth of nappies (5 or 6) so are perfect for long day trips or day care. Ours also feature a double PUL front pocket for soiled nappies or perfect for swim lessons as it is water proof. We've seen numerous reviews already which are in awe at how well sealed this pocket is!

Do you know what else makes our wet bags one of a kind? We have adjustable straps to allow for 4 different strap configurations! This allows you to be able to hang the bag from your pram, cot, change table, high chair or use the long strap to create a tote bag. This change was actually thought up by Wez around November last year! We then worked through quite a few prototypes with our manufacturers before settling on our current design!

If you ever have any questions about our wet bags, or any other product which we stock, PLEASE feel free to contact us :)


Sophie xx

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