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What goes into designing a MCN?

Posted by Wes Blackett on

One of the questions that often gets asked now that Katie and myself have started a designer cloth nappy business, is how we choose to decide our designs for our MCN’s!


As you may have noticed, CrackaDaks works in series of 6 designs. Each series is focused on a particular theme or concept. Our first series is “Amazing Asia”, hence the pandas, tigers, banana leaves etc. 


Our next release will have 2 series, and therefore have 12 designs overall. The name of the series will be revealed in the coming months :)


As designer, Katie obviously will get the final say on what designs we choose - but it tends to be a team discussion because we want to make sure the artwork makes sense to the theme which we are working on!


For example, in our Amazing Asia series we tried one design that was based off of a zen garden which sounds great - or so we thought! 


Katie and Wez worked so hard at making the design work, and making sure that the design did the idea justice, but it just didn’t look right. We might revisit it at a later date, but not any time soon.


Once we have our 6 designs our manufacturer will give us the strike-offs of the designs - I love this bit! We finally get to see our designs in person, and there are always one or two surprises! Designs which I felt a little bit unsure about suddenly look gorgeous, and some designs might drop down my favourites list. That’s one of the great things about the art on our nappies - everyone has different tastes, which means our designs don’t have to appeal the same way to everyone!


Having the strike-offs means that we can then choose which colour snaps to use for each design. This is fun I think, because you can choose the colour which blends nicely to the background, or something which adds a bit extra to the designs with an extra pop of colour against the PUL!


At the moment our latest designs are in the strike-off phase, so we will be determining the snap colours very soon! So excited!


We hope you love the next series of designs as much as we do, but stay tuned for more information through our VIP group on Facebook for some sneaky sneak peeks :) One of my all time favourite prints is on its way!!!! 


Sophie xx

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  • Blown away by the quality of these. New to cloth nappies but from what I have seen little compares. The designs are beautiful and the two inserts are genius! The snake insert makes so many configurations possible I am really happy with them. I love that both inserts are included also so it really justifies the price point to me. I additionally ordered a large wet bag which has and amazing design and functionality compared to other brands I’ve purchased. My customer service experience has also been great and I received my package in just a few business days! Can’t wait for some new prints! We will definitely be back for more.

    Lianna Green on

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