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Top 4 Reasons you should go Modern Cloth Nappies

Posted by Andy Price on

Cloth Nappies have been growing in popularity for quite some time now and we are seeing more and more parents either starting their parenting journey with Cloth (Sophie), or switching over to cloth (Katie). You may know some of the reasons why but lets talk about the Top 4 Reasons you should go Modern Cloth Nappies!

1. Reducing Waste - The BBC reports that the average child will use "anywhere from 4,000 - 6,000 Disposable nappies before being potty trained or 20-30 reusable nappies." The environmental impact is staggering as almost all disposable nappies are made of plastics that do not break down or when burned, create greenhouse gases. 

2. The Designs - The Designs vary from brand to brand but some of the best companies out there are creating lovely designs that are handmade and many parents fall in love with the collectability of the artwork. Here at Crackadaks all of our artwork is handmade by our Co-Owner and Artist Katie who painstakingly spends about 1 week of work on every single design. 

3. The Savings - The first initial investment of getting into cloth nappies may make you "gulp" as they can be a little pricey (usually 1 box of nappies = 1 MCN) but given the life of the nappy (1 MCN = hundreds of washes) you stand to save thousands of dollars in the long run. 

4. The Community of Support - The online forums are alight with many people trading and selling and discussing what brands are best, what ways you can fold a nappy to make them fit just right, etc. If you have any questions about how to make MCN's work for you there will be a big community of people who are ready to help. You can search for heaps of groups on Facebook and you can also join our CrackaDaks VIP Page to interact with everyone and read through all of our discussions on how to get the fit that will work best for you! We are always live to answer your questions as well. Join here:

Visit us at: to get your first batch and use our Code: Cracka6 to save $30 dollars on your first 6 Nappies!

Photo Cred to the incredible Nat. Check out her amazing photography skills on instagram @little.miss.clementine 

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