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Print Placements

Posted by Andy Price on

Ideal nappy placements: Obviously everyone wants the perfect OTB placement! However, I'm just going to talk quickly about why not every nappy can be the same or even why some of the prints are upside down OTB.

Not every print works as a multidirectional print and therefore if the print is upright on the front of the nappy it will be upside down on the back and visa versa. Most brands with an eco ethos you will find get around half of the nappies upside down on the bum with directional prints. The reason for this is to minimise fabric wastage!

The main reason we manufacture/use cloth nappies is to help with the war on waste. So theoretically we could print double the amount of fabric so that we could effectively have the same amount of nappies with all upright images OTB but we would in-fact then be wasting so much. Therefore, ethically we chose to have some prints upside down on the bum. We don't see this as a reason to sell those shells at a cheaper price than others as they are still amazing prints and placements.

We understand that some people have a really strong want for a particular print placement and we encourage you to add a request to your order in the notes section and we will endeavour to try and find that placement for you but it also comes as a first come first serve.

From the most recent release the one directional prints are Chip Off the Old Sloth and Bruce.  

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