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Launch Day Thank You!

Posted by Andy Price on

Hey Crackadaks Fam!

We had an incredible time launching our products to you the other day. Just to let you know how it looked, it was a lot of running around and finalising things to make sure it all worked. We did a countdown from our house and we watched as people started logging into our front webpage as people waited for the password protection to go off and our store to go live. Clicking that button to make the website go live for the first time was a memory I will hold dear as Wez and Katie and Sophie and I high-fived and drank red wine. We must say it was a great night and we thank you guys for making it awesome :)

We still have a few orders to go to reach the 50 mark where we stop giving away our free gift so make sure you get an order in soon :) 

ALSO - I totally forgot, we have had a few requests about bundle deals so I have talked with the team and heres the go - 6 Nappies for $179.00. You can choose any that you like and if your especially digging Bear Necessities you can grab 6 and it'll still be good. That'll save you over 30 dollars all up in nappies and bring the price down to under 30 dollars a nappy :)

Bye Fam!

Andy (Katies' Husband)

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