G'day USA!

Apr 06 , 2020


Andy Price

G'day USA!

Hey CrackaFam,

We just wanted to say G'day to the USA!

We now offer shipping to the United States of America!

I know we have slight differences in our words, and I know you guys over there call them cloth diapers, that's ok! You are going to love our handmade designs and the quality of our trim nappies! You are also going to love our prices because with the Aussie dollar buying 60 US Cents (all time low, our loss is your gain) you can live your wild nappy (diaper) dreams and get an incredible deal! 

Just a heads up on our Aussie Slang: Cracka = Excellent and Daks = Pants

Head on over to Crackadaks.com.au and check out our selection. Also visit our Facebook Page to keep up to date on all our happenings.

If we don't respond back immediately on messenger its probably because we are asleep (12 hour time differences from Perth to NYC) but we are keen as jellybeans to meet you :)

Have a lovely day!

Andy (Katie's Husband and fellow Yank) (Yank = anyone from USA)




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