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A bit more about the CrackaDaks Family

Posted by Wes Blackett on

Cloth nappies, and these days modern cloth nappies have always been around but the more I use our stunning CrackaDaks MCN’s the more grateful I am to have an in-house designer like Katie who can create such stunning artwork for the cutest bums!
The only thing about having Katie as our designer bums me out a bit because I know I’ll be hard pressed to de-stash any of my nappies when all our new designs come in later in the year!! They’re all so incredible!
CrackaDaks was founded not just to look stunning but also to address the environmental and sustainable issues that are posed by disposable nappies here in Australia. Disposable nappies create so much waste and landfill that eco-friendly cloth nappies are simply essential going forward as a green solution to this problem!
However, in founding CrackaDaks we also needed to find a manufacturer that was ethical, while still producing high quality nappies that we were so desperate to sell!
Fortunately, Wez did a lot of work in ensuring the manufacturer we use now has passed multiple external audits so not only are our nappies high quality and built to last, they also are made in an environment that supports ethical production of goods.
CrackaDaks will always aim to create the most premium nappies on the market, but we also have worked SO hard to create gorgeous wet bags. At the moment our wet bags come in regular and mini sizes. Our regular wet bags are unique in their handle design firstly, but again the quality of the bags are where CrackaDaks once again shines! 
The straps each side unsnap to allow an extendable strap to connect them together, thus creating an easy to use tote bag. The inside of the main pocket is lined with double layered PUL which means the bag has such incredible water resistance - I intentionally chucked in really wet clothes into the bag after swimming and there was no hint of leaking!! Yay!!!
Our layered inserts are already beginning to make waves on social media amongst mums across Australia who have been using them. We went the extra mile in making up the inserts - particularly in regards to ensuring high absorption and durability with washing.
It’s early days yet but so far the reviews suggest that our inserts are allowing up to 5-6 hours average OTB, without any leaks whatsoever! I have already shown several different configurations for layering the inserts online, and I think the reviews on our site reflect my opinion on this - our inserts are the best on the market!
All this talk about wet bags, nappies, inserts etc, and I haven’t even mentioned our change mats at all! I LOVE the snap in strap that is available to roll the change mat up easily while on the go!
This blog posting won’t necessarily be a regular thing for me - but I hope that you found some interest in reading the rambling thoughts I have at the moment!
With love, 
Sophie x

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