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Top 4 Reasons you should go Modern Cloth Nappies

Posted by Andy Price on

Cloth Nappies have been growing in popularity for quite some time now and we are seeing more and more parents either starting their parenting journey with Cloth (Sophie), or switching over to cloth (Katie). You may know some of the reasons why but lets talk about the Top 4 Reasons you should go Modern Cloth Nappies!

1. Reducing Waste - The BBC reports that the average child will use "anywhere from 4,000 - 6,000 Disposable nappies before being potty trained or 20-30 reusable nappies." The environmental impact is staggering as almost all disposable nappies are made of plastics that do not break down or when burned, create greenhouse gases. 

2. The Designs - The Designs vary from brand to brand but some of the best companies out there are creating lovely designs that are handmade and many parents fall in love with the collectability of the artwork. Here at Crackadaks all of our artwork is handmade by our Co-Owner and Artist Katie who painstakingly spends about 1 week of work on every single design. 

3. The Savings - The first initial investment of getting into cloth nappies may make you "gulp" as they can be a little pricey (usually 1 box of nappies = 1 MCN) but given the life of the nappy (1 MCN = hundreds of washes) you stand to save thousands of dollars in the long run. 

4. The Community of Support - The online forums are alight with many people trading and selling and discussing what brands are best, what ways you can fold a nappy to make them fit just right, etc. If you have any questions about how to make MCN's work for you there will be a big community of people who are ready to help. You can search for heaps of groups on Facebook and you can also join our CrackaDaks VIP Page to interact with everyone and read through all of our discussions on how to get the fit that will work best for you! We are always live to answer your questions as well. Join here:

Visit us at: to get your first batch and use our Code: Cracka6 to save $30 dollars on your first 6 Nappies!

Photo Cred to the incredible Nat. Check out her amazing photography skills on instagram @little.miss.clementine 

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New Shipping Protection!

Posted by Kathryn Price on

Hey Guys, we have partnered with a new company called Route to help us with making sure that all of our packages arrive safely at your door. This is to add a little extra piece of mind for those big orders or for our international customers abroad.

We want you too feel at ease that when you click that button, that package is going to be coming your way one way or another. It will protect against packages lost in transit, damaged in transit, as well as the dreaded porch pirates who steal your fluff mail while your out for swimming classes! 

We will always do whatever we can to assist you in tracking and getting your packages but if you want an extra layer of protection, this is now available on our website in the checkout area. 

How it works: once we have received notification that the package is lost or you receive the goods damaged or marked delivered and nothings there (dreaded porch pirates) you will then notify Route and lodge a claim and they will buy you another order within 24 hours and we will have a replacement heading your way the next day :)

We hope you will enjoy having an option for an extra layer of protection and support in these wild times we are living in.

Thanks CrackaFam,

Sophie and Katie xx

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Codes that save you money

Posted by Andy Price on

Hey Cracka Fam,

Just wanted to let you know about a few codes that we have that can save you a few dollars. 

First thing to remember is that for the time being: anytime you spend $200 dollars at our store you will get FREE SHIPPING 

The first and most well known code is: CRACKA6 - use this code when you want 6 nappies and it will save you $30 dollars on your order :)

The second code is CRACKA12 - use this code when you want 12 nappies and it will save you $64 dollars on your order :)

The third code is CRACKA18 - use this code when you want 18 nappies and it will save you $107 dollars on your order :)

Finally, you could use CRACKA24 - use this code when checking out with 24 nappies!

Also, don't forget to follow our brand reps on instagram to get 10% off (best used when placing smaller orders!) - why don't you follow us while you're at it :P

Tell your friends who are starting their MCN journey about these codes :) 


xx Sophie and Katie xx

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Print Placements

Posted by Andy Price on

Ideal nappy placements: Obviously everyone wants the perfect OTB placement! However, I'm just going to talk quickly about why not every nappy can be the same or even why some of the prints are upside down OTB.

Not every print works as a multidirectional print and therefore if the print is upright on the front of the nappy it will be upside down on the back and visa versa. Most brands with an eco ethos you will find get around half of the nappies upside down on the bum with directional prints. The reason for this is to minimise fabric wastage!

The main reason we manufacture/use cloth nappies is to help with the war on waste. So theoretically we could print double the amount of fabric so that we could effectively have the same amount of nappies with all upright images OTB but we would in-fact then be wasting so much. Therefore, ethically we chose to have some prints upside down on the bum. We don't see this as a reason to sell those shells at a cheaper price than others as they are still amazing prints and placements.

We understand that some people have a really strong want for a particular print placement and we encourage you to add a request to your order in the notes section and we will endeavour to try and find that placement for you but it also comes as a first come first serve.

From the most recent release the one directional prints are Chip Off the Old Sloth and Bruce.  

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Whats So Great About Our Wetbags?

Posted by Andy Price on

Wet bags are supposed to be used instead of single use plastic bags. You know those little plastic bags that get used for every disposable nappy, that is still in landfill today, those are what we're trying to replace!

Mini wet bags can usually fit one nappy, and generally used if you're only going out for a few hours and may only need one nappy change. They're also perfect for organising the nappy bag. One mini wet bag for snacks, one for spare clothes, one for panadol and neurofen etc etc. The uses for mini wet bags are endless really - when we travel I put our passports in them too!

Onto regular wet bags! Again they have so many uses. Ours at CrackaDaks can fit a whole days worth of nappies (5 or 6) so are perfect for long day trips or day care. Ours also feature a double PUL front pocket for soiled nappies or perfect for swim lessons as it is water proof. We've seen numerous reviews already which are in awe at how well sealed this pocket is!

Do you know what else makes our wet bags one of a kind? We have adjustable straps to allow for 4 different strap configurations! This allows you to be able to hang the bag from your pram, cot, change table, high chair or use the long strap to create a tote bag. This change was actually thought up by Wez around November last year! We then worked through quite a few prototypes with our manufacturers before settling on our current design!

If you ever have any questions about our wet bags, or any other product which we stock, PLEASE feel free to contact us :)


Sophie xx

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